How do I choose between the V2-10 and V2-50?




  • Dinesh Pandit

    I am very much immprased with you project
    This is very much helpful to presaized job work or for beginners. Who want to do his projects .
    Thank you.

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  • David Prock

    What are the max dimensions for the build area for the V2-50? And what software does it use to make the parts to cut?

    I'm wanting to design something very much like the Wankel engine but also very different, while incorporating a generator/ alternator (inside the design) perfectly merged.
    My fuel burns cold so I don't have to worry about destroying the magnets lol. I want to make a super super small design around the size of a brick battery pack that will fit into the pocket, portable power for small devices.
    And then design one as large as possible for power for the home / electric car.

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  • Kerry Neal

    Hi David - the V2-10 and V2-50 have same work envelope - it's about 3 inches cubed. Machine takes g-code which can be programmed with most CAM software, a list of post-processors that have been developed for the Pocket NC machines can be found here.

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